1 Million Scoville Concentrated Pepper Extract


Food additive ONLY! Warning: NOT A FOOD ITEM. THIS IS NOT A SAUCE OR CONDIMENT. Heat Index: 10+++ out of 10.

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Although this product is not to be taken lightly, or even in small doses, it has many uses in the kitchen, and for manufacturing. Add it by the drop to any recipe, or for kicking up the heat of your buffalo wings. It will also keep Bambi from nibbling your favorite garden plants and shrubs. (This is the stuff that was mentioned on the Jerry Baker gardening show that’s reported to repel deer when mixed with oil and sprayed around the perimeter.) It’s the first extract in a 5oz bottle, certified by HPLC A.O.A.C. and guaranteed to be 1,000,000 Scoville Units (+/- 5%). Heat Index: 10+++ / 10.

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